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Saving Our Blue Planet with Baby Steps

Saving Our Blue

Big Ideas and Exceptional Goals Start with Small Accomplishments.

As an integral part of our journey revolving around Profit with Purpose, we are concerned for the environment and future generations that my family will never meet.  So how do we reconcile this concern while manufacturing synthetic polyester goods that contribute to micro-plastics in our oceans?  Baby Steps

 First – Our vibrant three-dimensional prints are best suited for this fabric.  However, we will be actively pursuing the use of recycled polyester.   

Second – We may not be able to do a lot but we are proudly committed to always doing something and that something is always better than doing nothing. To this extent:

  • Part of the proceeds from each purchase will be used to offset the carbon footprint associated with each purchase.
  • Every purchase will result in the purchase & planting of a single tree.

 We will publish our progress in blog entries and look forward to helping make a difference for your children as well as ours…

Last, we are excited to have found a Brooklyn manufacturer to help us make our sustainably-oriented playmat!  We look forward to this launch in the Spring of 2022 and are excited about sharing this journey of making products in the USA, incorporating sustainable fabrics!