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  • BlanketPals & Boosters are Made with Extra-Plush or Soft & Smooth Fleece. 
  • BlanketPals 50x60 Inches; 127x153 cm (Perfect for Twin, Daybeds & Toddler Beds.
  • Boosters;  Diameters L (16"-12 Inches), M (11"-6"), S (5"-3")
  • Machine Washable in Cold Water with Powder or Liquid Detergent.
  • Air Dry or Low Heat - Gentle Cycle.
  • BlanketPal with Boosters TM

    • Calculated at Time of Checkout; We Assume Large Portion of Shipping Cost for All BlanketPals & Boosters Purchased. 

    • BlanketPals & Boosters are shipped with all possible attention to environmentally friendly materials.
    • Delivery Updates by E-Mail Every 7-10 Days.

  • WE CARE... Collections (Mugs, Bags, Shirts) are shipped separtely via 3rd Party Agreement; Shipped Off Site For Expediency.  

  • Made By Dad - Approved By Kids, Inc. Reserves the Right to Separately Ship BlanketPals & Boosters Separately, at No Additional Expense to Expedite S&H.

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  • "Every Child Deserves a Blanket." , Made By Dad - Approved By Kids, Inc.