Art as Medicine for Illness or Injury

BlanketPals™ began as sketches amidst the white-sterile blankets of a hospital bed, separated from my family.  As is so very common with brain injuries, I was suicidal, amongst many other confusing and painful symptoms.  Even though I was aware of two of my six brain injuries, my medical treatment did not prepare, forewarn, nor educate me about the possible symptoms resulting from such injuries; injuries that annually impact well over 1.5 million within the United States alone.

Notwithstanding my medical treatments, my crisis remained unabated.  Wanting to leave my young children an item created out of love, I found a local sewing teacher who helped me transform my sketches into 3 dimensional blankets and pillows. 

As soon as I began sewing,  finishing my first planetary pillow in mere hours, I sensed a clear impact in calming the deafening noise within my head, even ameliorating the crushing nerve pain at the back of my skull, where my head hit the ground after falling off our roof.

My utter darkness, a description used by countless brain injured, slowly turned to hope, as I feverishly threw myself into creating every single sketch into a soft cuddly creation, mostly blankets.  These were, however, anything but ordinary blankets.  Each hand stitched blanket was a playscape, resembling exciting locations where my children could immerse themselves in soft and cuddly adventure. 

Then, our family received the devastating news that so many mommies, wives, and daughters hear – Aggressive Breast Cancer.  Our stress increased one thousand times over.  To support our family’s rock we added  pink ribbons to each of our creations, along with our company label – Made By Dad.  BlanketPals needed to succeed.

We were successful on Kickstarter but I underestimated the cost of production.  I was only only able to fulfill a fraction of the Backer’s orders.  But there are some things that even brain injuries will not erase – Our Commitment to Fulfilling all of our orders from our original Backers, including our newest orders pouring in – as we also fulfill our commitment to funding our BlanketPals™ donations to Children that Just Need a Blanket.