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Shipping Policy

  • BlanketPals™ & Boosters™ are working toward sustainable packaging.   But every BlanketPal™ purchase will have a tree planted and its delivery carbon footprint offset.  
  • All Shipping is Calculated at Checkout and We have Applied a 15 % Savings to Reduce the Cost of Shipping for Each of Our Customers
  • All Orders are shipped in the order they are received. 
  • Shipping details will be e-mailed with each order, along with any updates.
  • Made By Dad - Approved By Kids, Inc. Reserves the Right to Separately ship BlanketPals™ and Boosters™ without extra cost to the purchaser, as each order is tailored to its purchaser.    
  • Shirts, Totes, Mugs Ship w/in 1 week. Shipping Cost Varies on these items, as per 3rd party agreement-costs.
  • Any Necessary Delivery Updates will be sent by E-Mail within 24 hours after receipt from any of our carriers. 
  • All Parcels are shipped via United States Postal Service, UPS or DHL.