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Our Story - Our Purpose

Welcome to Made By Dad - Approved By Kids, Inc.
  • BlanketPals™ & Boosters™ were born out of hardships that affect so many families across the globe; traumatic brain injuries, breast cancer, and heart failure from a virus... 
  • Our Designs were first sketched in a hospital as a form of art therapy, later sewn to promote healing, and then manufactured in the USA and Europe to sustain and save a family of 4, along with our Rescue-Mutt.
  • We are Immensely Proud to begin our final production of the highest quality products, unique in the bedding and toy industries, promoting children's imaginations and bed time over screen time.
  • Our Purpose, however, goes well beyond supporting and saving one family.  We are equally proud of continuously chasing our goal of Profit with Purpose, driven by human kindness.  We do so by feasibly donating BlanketPals™ and Boosters™ to "Children that Just Need a Blanket - because Every Child Deserves a Blanket".
  • Our Hearts are filled with genuine gratitude to every person that has supported us along this very difficult journey, including Facebook Friends.  
Made By Dad - Approved By Kids, Inc.
Makers of BlanketPals™ & Boosters™. 

Giving back – The Heartbeat of BlanketPals™.

“Pay It Forward.” Our Blog & Newsletter will provide updates on our adventures as we practice the same human kindness that has always been shown to us as we continue our best to heal. Profit with Purpose.