Important Dislcaimers

  • All August 2019 Orders will be Shipped in September from the USA, upon Arrival from Europe.
  • BlanketPals™ & Boosters™ are made of high grade fleece, a synthetic fabric.
  • BlanketPals™ & Boosters™ are machine washable, using cold water & detergents.
  • BlanketPals™ Do Not Come With Toys Pictured - Pictures are provided for display purposes alone.
  • DO NOT USE BlanketPals™ Blankets and/or Boosters on Slippery floors, including wood and tile, or unsecured rugs.
  • DO NOT provide toys that are considered a choking hazard and it is often suggested anything that can fit inside of a toilet paper roll.
  • Warnings are only provided in English and any translation is at the sole risk of the person using and providing such translation.
  • This warning and disclaimer is a guideline and can not contemplate all means by which children may injure themselves.  Therefore, children should be supervised at all times alone or with others.  Please act accordingly and with due care when supervising any child.
  • BlanketPals™ can be laid together to continue roads, rails, runways, and landscapes.  BlanketPals™ MUST not be attached together using any method, including but not limited to Velcro, pins, needles, or by stitch.